Too Good To Share

Taking place on the set of the 2019 "All I Want For Christmas Is You" music video, the centerpiece ad opens on Mariah singing the song while wearing a sparkling red festive dress as the cast and crew sing along. The shoot wraps, and as Mariah walks through the set generously handing out increasingly humorous presents, including a framed painting of herself riding a winged unicorn, she says: "I love Christmas. It's a magical time. A time for giving, a time for caring, a time for sharing."

What follows is a real dilemma for her as she reaches for the final pack of Walkers Pigs in Blankets at exactly the same time as a Christmas elf. Christmas may be a time for sharing, but not when it comes to Walkers crisps. A polite tussle ensues, and Mariah decides to use her famous high note to get the elf to drop the bag, winning the crisps for herself. The narrator says: "Walkers, too good to share."

But it is Christmas, and as the ad closes, Mariah offers the elf just one crisp from her coveted bag, only for that to backfire in a final comic twist.

The commercial was directed by multi-award-winning music video director Joseph Kahn and premiered on November 2, 2019.